Annique Jansen

Meet Annique

Who are you and what do you do for The Schippers Group?

At Schippers you are challenged to be in charge of your own field both on a knowledge and commercial level. I have a lot of freedom to develop myself and implement various things. A big advantage is that you can switch quickly and take action through the horizontal organisation Schippers is. Together we are continuously improving to ensure that livestock farmers perform better.

What's your background?

I come from anthropology, so understanding human beings. This is also incredibly important in my field (sales). The content knowledge about the animal and the products I learn internally, but my interest in people and helping entrepreneurs, I could take that with me from my earlier work.

At first I admit, I did grow up with animals; my mother is a hobby breeder (dogs), my grandparents had a small farm with cows and I also ride horses a lot. I don't think you need to be in the industry for this work, but you should at least find it interesting and have some affinity. The real substantive knowledge will follow naturally.

How did you end up here?

Through an acquaintance of mine who already worked here, he recommended it to me. He was very enthusiastic about the work and the company, so he convinced me to at least take a look. In my eyes it was still 'the agricultural sector', so I was slightly skeptical beforehand. Now that I'm there, I'm completely converted! The culture, the short lines, the fact that the brothers (owners) are super approachable, all very nice. And well, the new office is also a big plus. 

What are your ambitions?

I have several options, but find it too hard to say right now. Too many options I have yet to explore. Then again, I've only been there six months.

Team or individual?

Yes, as an account manager on the road you are quite alone of course, but as an inside salesman I have a team around me. I find that important and it makes my work a lot more fun. I have a lot of freedom to think about how I want to deal with my customers and how to activate them, but I can always fall back on my team. Especially because I'm new here, in a new sector, it's nice that I can fall back on a team with a lot more experience. This way I am responsible for how I want to deal with my customers, but can pick up good tips.

Last tip?

The difference between the Netherlands and Belgium is much smaller than people think, so don't let this scare you off.

And really last tip: stop by for a cup of coffee, you can't experience and judge the culture until you've felt it once.

Annique Jansen

Accountmanager pigs Belgium

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