Crazy Animals

It's great that you're going to play Crazy Animals!

Short game summary
Each player has 4 cards placed face down next to each other on the table, the values of the cards range from 0 to 9 and there are three types of special cards. The players try to get the cards with the lowest values and avoid the cards with the highest values. Since the cards are covered, players must remember where each card is. This is not so easy, because the cards change places regularly. At the end of the round the players view the values of the four cards in front of them and note their score on the scorepad. The player with the lowest score at the end of the game is the winner.

It's great that you're going to play Crazy Animals!

Playing material

  • 66 cards
    • 45 cards with numbers (4x values 0-8, 9x value 9)
    • 21 special cards (9x ”swap”, 7x “peek”, 5x “draw twice”)
  • 1 score pad


The oldest player shuffles the cards and gives each player 4 of them, these cards are placed face down on the table next to each other without looking at them (no peeking!).

Starting position

Place the remaining cards on the table as a covered pile, turn over the top one of the pile and place it face up next to it. This is the first card from the open discard pile. Each player now looks briefly at the 2 outermost of his 4 covered cards. (peek, memorize and put back covered).

Start a round

The player to the left of the oldest player begins. Then the game proceeds clockwise. The player must choose and perform one of the following 2 actions (A and B)

Action A

The player takes the top card from the open discard pile. He must exchange this for 1 of his 4 covered cards. He decides which one. However, he may not look at his cards! Then he places the chosen card face up on the discard pile.

Note: If the top card of the open discard pile is a special card, the player whose turn it is may not take it. In such a case, he must perform action B.

Action B

The player takes the top card from the face-down draw pile and looks at it. He now has three options, one of which he must choose:

  • He places the card face up on the discard pile
  • If it’s not a special card, he can swap the card with one of the 4 faced down card in front of him (he does not have to show the card he just drew to the other players; he places the exchanged card open on the discard pile)
  • If it is a special card, he may perform the indicated special action.
  • Note: He may also discard a special card without performing the action. He may never exchange a special card against 1 of his 4
    face-down cards.

Special cards

If a player draws a special card for action B, he may perform the action indicated on it. After doing so he places the card on the open discard pile.


The player takes one of his own covered cards and exchanges it for one of the other player’s covered cards. Doing this he may not look at both cards.


The player may look at 1 of his 4 covered cards. Then after looking he places the card back in its place.

Draw twice

The player takes the top card from the face down deck and looks at it. If he likes the card, he uses it as described under action B (this ends his action). If he does not like the card, he places it on the discard pile and draws a new card from the pile. He must then use this card as described under action B.

Important: Special cards have no fixed value. If at the end of a round there is a special card among a players 4 covered cards, he must put it aside and draw a card for it from the covered pile and put it in the place of the special card. If he draws another special card, he draws another card until he draws a card with a number. If he has several special cards, he replaces them all with a card with a number in the same way.

End of the round

If, after performing his action, a player believes that the value of his 4 dealt cards is low enough, he knocks on the table and says “last round”.

Note: A player may knock on the table only after each player has taken at least one turn.  After a player has knocked, all other players take one more turn. After that, the round ends. Therefore, the player who knocked does not take another turn himself.

Each player now turns over his 4 covered cards and adds up the values of his cards. Don’t forget: Special cards must be exchanged for the top cards of the draw pile. If several players need to exchange special cards, the player who knocked begins, then the other players follow clockwise.

Note from each player the score on the scoring pad. Then shuffle all the cards and start another round in the same way as described above. The player left of the current starting player becomes the next starting player in the next round. Play as many rounds as there are players participating (exception: in a 2-player game, 4 rounds are played.)

End of the game

The player with the lowest score after the agreed number of rounds wins the game.


Players Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Total
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Accepted file types: jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 256 MB.