Sjoerd Wijnen

Meet Sjoerd

Who are you? And what is your role?

Hi! My name is Sjoerd Wijnen. In the past I worked in the recruitment branche where I started after my commercial studies. I am currently responsible for the MS Gold sales department (ed.: department that focuses on sales mainly outside Europe) within The Schippers Group.


Why did you choose The Schippers Group?

My interests are to develop international markets and work with different cultures beyond our national borders. To get the responsibilities, the entrepreneurship and opportunity to build an international network is great. Combining that with the ambitions of The Schippers Group are very important to me. To increase the MSGold footprint in the world is a great opportunity to work on with my team.

What makes a 'good' working day for you?

A good working day for me is when the team is able to make an impact with key players in the international livestock industry or its stakeholders. Doing this together in an inspiring team gives me and my colleagues the positive that we need every day.

What ambitions do you still have?

My ambition is that we can establish MS Gold within the organization and that we as a company make significant internationalization progress. I notice that there is a commitment and drive from all departments to take on this challenging change. Think Global but Act Local. I think it's great that the whole organization is willing to develop this.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Then, together with our team, we have built up a worldwide, mature distribution network. That would be cool right?

Do you have any tips for job seekers?

Try to discover during interviews the ambitions and developments that organizations and their employees are going through. Then both you and the company will find out what suits your ambition the best!

- Sjoerd Wijnen


Sjoerd Wijnen

Teamleader Sales

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Sjoerd Wijnen

Teamleader Sales

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